Brief about the Union

Definition of federation :

It is an independent national federation with legal personality that derives its reference from the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
The federation was established in 1974 AD and was announced to the Ministry of Youth and Sports on 08/20/1974 under No. (7) federations - (according to the declaration decision): The United Arab Emirates Swimming Federation. 

 In line with the development of the Federation's activities, it was re-declared again to include supervision of   (Swimming, water polo and diving), based on the decision of the President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports No. (36) for the year 1990 on 3/7/1990 - to become the new name of the United Arab Emirates Federation of Swimming, Water Polo and Diving.                            
With the development of the federation's activities, the activity of swimming with fins and salvage was added to the activity of the federation to enter the Olympic Games in its thirtieth session in 2012, based on the testimony received from the Public Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare in Book No. 1730 / D on 19/4/2009 by adding the activity of swimming and rescue. 

The Federation's joining the international committees and federations (Arab, Asian and international): 
1-     Member of the Swimming Regulatory Committee of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf since 1975.
2-     Member of the International Federation of Open Water and Long Distance Swimming, since 1978.
3-     Member of the International Federation of Short Distance Swimming since 1981.
4-     Member of the Asian Swimming Federation since 1981.
5-     Member of the Arab Swimming Federation since 1983.
6-     Member of the Arab Federation for Diving and Rescue Activities and Fin Swimming since 2009.
7-     Member of the International Rescue Union since 2011.
8-      Member of the International Federation of Underwater Sports.

Federation goals

Cooperation with clubs
And departments in the field of swimming and water games, especially sports programs
And other sporting bodies and federations, the General Authority for Sports and the Olympic Committee
National, sports councils and other ministries concerned with sports, clubs and institutions
And national sporting activities in general, to contribute to the education of young people, sports and social education
Correct and proper.
The Swimming Federation supervises and manages water games in the United Arab Emirates within the limits of its jurisdiction and in accordance with the rules, regulations and principles of the International Federation of Game, which are:

1-    Swimming
2-   Swimming in open water
3-   Water polo
4-   Snorkeling / high diving
5-   Artistic (rhythmic) swimming
6-   Swimming with fins
7-   Rescue and underwater games
8-   Encouraging and spreading water games, expanding their base, and working to raise their level in the UAE
9-    Protecting the game from the harmful factors it is exposed to by spreading the correct idea about it among the clubs, officials and players, through decisions issued by the Board of Directors.
10-   Coordinating efforts between the various clubs, bodies and members of the Federation, providing advice and advice to them, and working to settle what may arise from disputes.
11-   Supervising international tournaments, matches and tournaments held in the United Arab Emirates in water games.
12-   Work to participate in Arab and international sports conferences and courses after the approval of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Swimming Federation and the approval of the General Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare.
13-   Work to develop technical and administrative personnel.
14-   Work to raise the technical level of players for clubs and national teams.
15-   Strengthening sports relations between the United Arab Emirates and foreign parties in cooperation with civil / national, regional, continental and international committees and unions in the sports fields.
16-   Encouraging scientific research and authorship, and enriching the sports library with books and sports literature specialized in the field of game.