Al-Matrooshi’s historic mission in Cairo and great hopes for qualifying for the Olympics - the UAE swimmer thanks “Gulf Sports” for adopting his case and the authority’s intervention to support him
22 Mar 2021

Al-Matrooshi’s historic mission in Cairo and great hopes for qualifying for the Olympics - the UAE swimmer thanks “Gulf Sports” for adopting his case and the authority’s intervention to support him

Al-Wasl swimmer Youssef Al-Matrooshi’s crisis eased after the General Sports Authority intervened and sent him to a camp for two weeks in the Arab Republic of Egypt and then participated in the Egyptian Open Swimming Championships scheduled for the period from 5 to 10 next April, and approved by the International Swimming Federation “FINA” as a qualified tournament. To the Tokyo Olympics.

Al-Matrooshi, who is about 18 years old, left Sunday, carrying his big dream of qualifying through the Egyptian Championship to the Tokyo Olympics 2021, after his personal number reached 38: 50 seconds, which he achieved a few days ago in a special tournament organized for him by the Swimming Federation and Al-Wasl Club on his pool in Zabeel, and he became It is only 35 milliseconds away from the qualification number 03: 50 seconds, so that Al Matrooshi is the first Emirati swimmer to participate with his qualifying numbers and not through the invitations sent by the International Federation to participate for the purpose of friction and honorary presence, noting that the General Sports Authority obtained approval and permission from the competent authorities. Concerned with allowing Al-Matrooshi to travel because he is in the under-18 category whose activity is suspended due to the Corona pandemic, and given that the swimmer is on a national mission of a sublime nature in the interest of raising the state flag in the largest international sporting event ever.

The only swimmer who has a chance to qualify for the Olympics, Youssef Al-Matrooshi, as he leaves carrying his country's dream and his personal dream of qualifying, thanked 'Gulf Sports' for adopting his support by highlighting his problem after he suffered from neglect and lack of support before things broke out with the direct intervention of the General Sports Authority Which decided to send him to a camp in Cairo, and said in a phone call before departure from Dubai Airport: “I am an Emirati athlete and our wise leadership taught us not to forget Al-Fadl, and I called immediately before my departure to say I will not forget as long as I live the position of Al-Khaleej newspaper with me in embracing me and adopting my cause until I arrived.” For the breakthrough, I also thank the General Sports Authority for its support and response to me, and the Swimming Federation, represented by Khalifa Al Kaabi, member of the board of directors and financial director, who adopted me in the spirit of fatherhood, and heads the mission that will accompany me in Cairo, and I am sure that God will support me to achieve my country’s dream and my mother’s dream of qualifying for the Olympics To be my gift to her on Mother's Day.

Al-Matrooshi added: “I will run in the Egyptian Championship with two chances to qualify in my 100-meter freestyle competition, and I need only 35 parts of a second, and I will also run in the 200-meter freestyle competition as well, and I have a second and a half to qualify as well.” He is accompanied by Youssef in his camp and his participation in Cairo, a delegation headed by Khalifa Al Kaabi, a member The Board of Directors of the Swimming Federation, the financial director, Ali Diab, the national team coach, and Marwan Hafez, the assistant coach of Al-Wasl Club.

Khalifa Al Kaabi said: “All thanks and gratitude to the General Sports Authority for adopting the support of the Al-Matrooshi swimmer and sending him to Egypt to participate in a camp for two weeks and then participate in the Egypt International Championship and bear all the financial costs of the camp to participate in the Egyptian Open Championship, and we also thank the Dubai Sports Council for opening the doors of a complex swimming pool. Hamdan Al Riyadi for the player to receive his training in the Olympic swimming pool, which will help him achieve the qualification number, and we are very optimistic to return with a historic achievement by Al Matrooshi, through which the UAE swimmer reaches the Olympics by qualifying by number and not by an honorary invitation.”

It should be noted that “Gulf Sports” singled out a series of direct follow-ups to swimmer Yousef Al-Matrooshi, which began on November 28, 2019 with a follow-up under the title “3 seconds separate the swimmer Al-Matrooshi from the Olympic qualification,” in which the player said: “Help me to realize my mother’s dream of raising my country’s flag in Tokyo.” And at that time, his coach at Al-Wasl Club, Muhammad Hassan Yousef, to whom the player owes credit for everything he reached in terms of his position on the verge of qualifying for the Olympics, determined what was required to be able to qualify, and the program was published within the follow-up.

At this time, he was 3 seconds and 6 milliseconds away from the qualification number '50.03 seconds' in his specialization of 100 meters freestyle, while his personal number at the time of publication '53.09 seconds' he achieved in the championship of the head of state, which means that his qualification became dependent on what is estimated in the blink of an eye, And his opportunity is favorable if he is embraced and made into a qualifying project with his arms, and not with an invitation card.
And the Gulf Sports support trip to the case of the swimmer Al-Matrooshi continued in another follow-up published on July 25, 2020, and he said, after he was stranded and continued to suffer neglect (Al-Matrooshi: I will qualify for the Tokyo Olympics with my arm), stressing that he is living a race against time in order to qualify by training daily with 6 sessions. Weekly in the Al Wasl Club swimming pool under the supervision of the club’s coach, Mohamed Hassan, with the application of the precautionary measures followed, adding: “I still suffer from a lack of interest from the relevant authorities regarding my qualification, but I insist on qualifying, and I have great confidence in my abilities and despite the lack of any support or coordination with me before. The National Olympic Committee or the Swimming Federation, and whether there is support provided by the International Federation or not, I will qualify with my arms, because my ultimate goal is to raise my country’s flag in the Olympics.” And persistently, he continued to develop his number by intensifying his training and increasing it from 6 to 9 sessions per week.